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That’s where we come in.

go site We’re here to relieve your stress and help you relax! We provide quality, professional trimming services the way you want them. We do our jobs fast, and we work only when you need us. We take care of scheduling, supervising, and documentation so you don’t have to! Schedule a team of MMED badged employees whenever you need them, pay an hourly rate per employee you use, and ignore the other stresses of maintaining a harvesting staff. We are also the first cleared and compliant harvest and trim company in Colorado. We take thorough steps to ensure that we meet the highest possible standard of compliance with the state every day.

Green Mountain Harvest began in October of 2010.

purchase diflucan online We at Green Mountain Harvest understand the frustrations of maintaining a professional, reliable harvesting staff. Headaches such as interviewing, hiring, firing, training, turnover, unemployment, scheduling, workman's comp, and taxes all seem to weigh you down when you're trying to be compliant in the Medical Marijuana industry. On top of that, trimming can be a labor-intensive task, especially when deadlines are around the corner and you have a large or small amount to weigh and process.

But hiring extra people for trimming can be real difficult if you don't already have the staff. And if you do hire people for the job, what do you do with the trimmers when the job is over and you’re waiting for the next harvest?

Susan Chicovsky (Owner) | Green Mountain Harvest | CBE Most Important Women 2016

CBE | Most Important Women 2016

Susan Chicovsky (Owner)

Susan has been an entrepreneur since 1972. This includes 5 restaurants, an international and private alternative healing practice, health and wellness center, minister and performing sacred ceremonies including weddings, christenings and memorials, also had a natural insecticide company, achieved top national leadership status in international health care company, business consultant for small businesses, performed public speaking on the radio and national seminars and workshops. Susan is committed to helping people heal in a way that works for them as well as helping business owners be successful. And most importantly and currently operates the oldest and the first cleared and compliant cannabis harvest and trim company, Green Mountain Harvest, in Denver, Colorado since 2010 and serving cannabis businesses nationally. Susan is a national expert on harvesting and the trimming business.